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One Click Reptile One Click Reptile

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First, as mentioned, im pretty sure you can't release other people's music under your own name with Newgrounds' Creative Commons license... especially since you never mentioned Feed Me or Skrillex in your description. Secondly, this isn't even a very good mix/mashup: the samples enter at weird times, and it overall just sounds disjointed. Third, neither of these songs are dubstep. Both are downtempo Electro house with Moombhaton influences. Come back to NG with some originals

Quagnoth responds:

lol first off if you think skrillex isent dub your retarted second if any of you knew the law you would know that if you remix / mash up a song you can use it just saying also if you dont like the song good for you other people do and other then that have fun trolling

Exotec - Noname (Instrumental) Exotec - Noname (Instrumental)

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very catchy, and much more concise than your other songs. Honestly, i don't think this needs lyrics, so thanks for uploading the instrumental!

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Alma Mater Remix Alma Mater Remix

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It seems you have a pretty good grasp of how to use the software: some tips if you want to write electronica/dance music:

1) Your Lead could use an upgrade: Exotec (here on this very site) made a pretty good tutorial of how to make on in Reason, but even if the 2 programs aren't identical, you should get a pretty good idea of how a lead should sound

2) Your kick is very, very weak... def increase the bass on the downbeats, might want to make it a little louder.

3) Not to harp on our Alma Mater, but most trance dosent have very sophisticated harmony: and if it does, it should be a little more subtle.

Good start, keep it up.

P.S, longest review ever. of all time.

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Exotec - Crystal Skies Exotec - Crystal Skies

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I haven't heard good new electronica in so long... been listening to the same stuff for soe long. This is both an amazing song, and very refreshing personally. Reminds kinda of Basshunter imo... some of his mid-earlier stuff, at least.

Anyways, great job, nice song, love the bass!

Syst3m Sh0ck [RNG] Syst3m Sh0ck [RNG]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Nice :D

Normally, I'm displeased (to say the least) with the songs that make the Best of All time list: this time not. While it's a little softcore for my taste in Electronic music, it is still a very good song: nice melody, nice work :D

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Orchestral Theme 1 Orchestral Theme 1

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well it started off good... and then never really built up enough. It was like a chase scene that never ended: after a while, it lost its suspense.

Anyways, not bad, but might wanna give this style a little more practice.

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Gravey responds:

Well it is a loop, therefore its not really supposed to have a true beginning or end. That being said, I'll keep this in mind for future projects. :-)

Thanks for the review.


Battle of Supremacy Battle of Supremacy

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Good song!

Had decent depth, nice melody, and very good background. However, I hardly think putting violin and piano qualify this as "Classical"... not to say thats bad at all! Kinda reminds me of Juno Reactor, and some of E.S. Posthumus's songs. All in all, good work, keep it up!

masterhappyboy responds:

really got hard time identifying it's genre because of the combination of instruments.

but thanks for that sir! :)

-Orr- 4 Brave Champions [FULL] -Orr- 4 Brave Champions [FULL]

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A true work of art!

Amazing song, and you did a really good job of lengthening the original. My only complaint is that you can can hear an obvious style change between the end of the old audio and the beginning of the new, but other than that, amazing. Keep it up!

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DavidOrr responds:

Thanks for the review Bahamut! There is definitely a change in the mood with the start of the new material, but I'm not sure I agree there is a style change. Certainly food for thought, I'll review the piece again with that in mind :)

Thanks again for the review!

the Battle of the Gods the Battle of the Gods

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Very Good!

Personally, if I had these VST's, i wouldn't do quiet... but you did a nice job of controlling the dynamic despite the heroic/epic nature of the peace. Reminds me alot of trailer music, without the restrictions on length and dynamic. Good work, hope to see more!

Memories of Isolation Memories of Isolation

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Really liked the blend of instruments and styles here: the drum-beat in the back sounded almost like a techno song, but the overall style of the song was quite different. Very well made, great work!