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New Song Coming Soon!

2010-11-14 18:14:19 by Bahamut0ne

New song will be up within a week or so: finished it, sorta, doing some fine tuning. Not that any1 reads this, tho.

Anyways, stay tunes, new song comin through

New song out!

2010-03-31 20:41:15 by Bahamut0ne

check it out on mah page :D

Started writing a new song!

2010-03-11 21:50:39 by Bahamut0ne

Hey guys, just wanted to let any1 still reading these (in all likelihood, no one) that I have started work on a new song. The song will be Soundtrack/ Epic rock, and in A:B:A form: i've done the opening A statement, which is about 1:45 ish, and will start work on the B theme 2morrow.

Took me long enough

2009-10-07 21:43:13 by Bahamut0ne

Well, a month after school starts, i finally upload a song.

trust me, i'm more pissed off then you are.

I pretty much wasted my entire summer, which is a shame, because I do enjoy composition. I am deeply sorry to any1 I kept waiting (admittedly, a very small number of people).

Anyway, feel free to feel the cataclysm here. Hope you like it.


2009-06-17 13:56:59 by Bahamut0ne

well. the school year is finally over for my. Having pwnt all my Final Exams, I will return immidiatley to music composition. I have 2 major projectws that will be released very soon, and I have a number ideas for future projects. Stay tuned!

New song and more

2009-03-22 14:56:09 by Bahamut0ne

Back again with another news post. Somehow I feel like I'm talking to myself...

Anyways, my new song "Highland Echoes", is out. It's a remix of a song from Ragnarok Online, and was the main menu music of Barbarian Bob. I'll probably remix a couple more random songs, just because I'm kinda in a creative drought right now. Hope you guys like the song!

New Song and Other Stuff.

2009-03-07 10:04:06 by Bahamut0ne

Well, here's my latest news.

My second song, Vi Et Armis, is now uploaded to the portal. Please go vote and comment. I could really use the input.

Also, I have made a page on, which u can find here. No, I am not russian, but I will be uploading my music there as well.

Thanks for the great score on Starstorm, btw. I really wasn't expecting above a 3.5

And after multiple weeks...

2009-02-17 20:06:33 by Bahamut0ne

3 people have voted on my song. 3. And one of them was today. This sucks. Does anybody here pay attention to the "new submissions" box on the Audio Portal? idk. w/e. I'll keep posting stuff, tho. The next song is rollin right along.

Btw, if any1 sees this post, can go vote on my song? I'm not telling you to "VoTe fivES on mY sOngs ty all", but I would appreciate people waying in on my work.


First Song is finally here!

2009-02-12 21:00:39 by Bahamut0ne

My First Song, Starstorm, has finally been released! Hope you guys like it! My next song will probably be a string/woodwind/piano Classical song, seeing as how GarageBand's default trumpets sound like people farting to pitches. See you soon, hopefully!

Major Setback...

2009-02-09 18:03:11 by Bahamut0ne

Well, this sucks. Turns out that I do not have the midi's necessary to complete my first song, which was supposed to be classical. I'm working on getting new midi's, but I'll have to stick to electronica for a few months. Don't worry tho, I expect to have my first song (now techno) out by this Wednesday, the 11th. C u all then!